Copy text to Clipboard using vue-clipboard2 – Vue.js

Copying the selected text from the webpage or input HTML element is easy with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C and context menu.

To make it little easier for the user you can add a button.

For copy text to the clipboard in Vue.js, you can use the vue-clipboard2 package.

In this tutorial, I show how you can copy text from an HTML element on a button click to the clipboard.

Copy text to Clipboard using vue-clipboard2 – Vue.js


  1. Download Clipboard.js
  2. HTML
  3. Script
  4. Demo
  5. Conclusion

1. Download Clipboard.js

  • Download the package from GitHub and extract it in your project directory.
  • Include vue-clipboard.min.js script with vue.js in the <head> section.
<script src="vue.js"></script>
<script src="vue-clipboard2-master/dist/vue-clipboard.min.js"></script>


Create two <textarea> and a button.

The first textarea for inputting some text and the second textarea to display the copied text when a button gets clicked.

In the button define 3 attributes –

  • v-clipboard:copy – Here, passed the model name message from where to copy text.
  • v-clipboard:success – Pass method name onCopy. This called when text copied successfully.
  • v-clipboard:error – Pass method name onError. This called when it failed to copy text.

Completed Code

<div id="app">
 <textarea v-model='message'></textarea>
 <button type="button"

 Copied Text: <br/><textarea v-model='copiedText'></textarea>

3. Script

Create two data variables – message, and copiedText.

Define two methods –

  • onCopy – Called when copy text to the clipboard. Assign e.text to this.copiedText.
  • onError – Called when failed to copy text.

Completed Code

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
    message: '',
    copiedText: ''
  methods: {
    onCopy: function (e) {
       this.copiedText = e.text;
    onError: function (e) {
       console.log('Failed to copy texts')

4. Demo

View Demo

5. Conclusion

With vue-clipboard2.js package you can easily copy text to clipboard on the button click. It works the same as copying text by pressing CTRL+C from the keyboard.

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