How to Use a Cloud Data Platform?

The global cloud computing market is a rapidly growing one, valued at over 405.65 billion USD in 2021. According to predictions from Fortune Business Insights, professionals in the cloud computing industry are expected to enjoy its impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9% and increasing demand across many regions.

To beginner developers and those who are looking into digitally transforming their businesses, the concept of cloud data platforms might be a bit difficult to grasp. But worry not – in this article, we’ll be tackling all you need to know about the basics of cloud data platforms.

How to Use a Cloud Data Platform?

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VPN/Proxy server Detection with IPHub API and PHP

If you are managing content based on the country then there is always a chance that a user tries to access other country content using VPN or Proxy.

If you are not validating it then the user can access the content.

In this tutorial, I show how you can detect VPN or Proxy server with IPHub API.

I am using PHP to get an IP address and send an API request.

VPN/Proxy server detection with IPHub API and PHP

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Pitch volume Detection in Speech Recognition – JavaScript

Web Speech API allows recording human voice and convert it to text or generate an audio file.

This can be used to enable the users to access the website hand-free and give commands with voice.

Sometimes, requires to detect the user voice volume.

To do this I am using volume-meter.js library.

It returns pitch volume.

Use this value to draw a graphical representation.

Pitch volume Detection in Speech Recognition - JavaScript

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