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If you want to add records sorting with header click on your existing pagination code then you need to write some extra code for it.

This improves the user experience while traversing on the long list of paginated records.

The user can easily sort a column and view the list e.g. sorting employee list by its salary, age, etc.

Table sort on header click in the pagination using PHP


While creating the pagination it is required to set how many records to fetch at a time from the Database Table. It helps to paginate all records.

You can allow the user to change the defined number of rows visible at a time on the page by providing them an extra option.

Change number of rows show in the Pagination using PHP

JQuery PHP

Pagination helps us to split the large list of records into multiple parts. This improves the UI and improves page load faster.

It limits the number of records visible to the user and requires to navigate through pagination control to view another list.

In this tutorial, I show how you can simply create pagination with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

How to create Pagination with PHP