Logical operators in Python

Logical operators are used to comparing multiple relational expression. In nesting where one if statement within another if statement because of that in the program, there are multiple statements will execute and code got lengthy. For solving this we can use logical operators by using that we can combine more than one relational expression and … Read more

How to use if statement in Python

All programming language has if statements that allow controlling the flow of the program.

You can define your code in the block which you want to execute when the condition is true.

In the tutorial, I show how you can use if statements in your program with an example in Python.

How to use if statement in Python

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Dictionary in Python

Dictionary in Python is similar to an associative array in PHP.  Dictionary are create using curly braces {} inside it the key is separated with items using a colon (:). For accessing items of a dictionary, the key is been for this. Dictionary is mutable.  Contents Creating a Dictionary Accessing Dictionary Update Dictionary Delete Dictionary Dictionary … Read more