How to Add Remove package using Composer in Laravel

Laravel does not come with pre-installed packages. You will need to install them manually before you can make use of them in your project.

Installing these packages using composer is simple if you know the exact package names or their GitHub repositories.

In this tutorial, I show how you can add remove package using composer in Laravel.

How to add remove package using composer in Laravel

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How to create Helper function and use it in Laravel

A Helper function is a small piece of code that performs a specific task or operation and can be used anywhere in your application.

In Laravel you need to create a new PHP file to write Helper functions and specify the file path in the composer.json file.

In this article, you will learn how to create Helper functions in Laravel and how to use it.

How to Create and Use Helper function in CodeIgniter 4

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How to add pagination using Yajra Datatables in Laravel 9

DataTables is a jQuery library for implementing pagination.

For adding AJAX pagination needs to write a long script that – count total records with and without filters, fetch records, initialize Array with data, and return the JSON array with required fields.

In Laravel, there is a Yajra DataTables package that makes this pagination process a little easier to implement.

How to add pagination using Yajra Datatables in Laravel 9

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