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Sometimes requires to search for multiple words and select records according to words matched instead of the exact words.

With only a single like operator, it is not possible to search for multiple words.

Require to split the search term and use it with or and like operators.

In this tutorial, I am using jQuery UI library for displaying suggestion list according to search input.


TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG editor which enables HTML textarea or other HTML elements to accept formatted input and media files.

It previews the content while adding and editing.

In this tutorial, I show how you can add TinyMCE editor to HTML control and read it on the form submit in CodeIgniter Project.

Add TinyMCE to HTML element in CodeIgniter

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Photobox is a jQuery library that use to add image gallery on the webpage.

It comes with different options for customization and supports IE8+ and modern browsers.

You need to arrange images in specific order and initialize Photobox on the container to create the gallery.

In this tutorial, I am using Photobox library to create the image gallery by reading uploaded images from a directory with PHP.

Upload and Create Photo Gallery with Photobox in PHP

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AJAX based pagination load content without reloading the whole webpage and improve the user experience.

CodeIgniter has the pagination library to add pagination.

From the controller need to handle the AJAX request which sends from the view.

In this tutorial, I show how you can create AJAX pagination in CodeIgniter.

How to Create AJAX Pagination in CodeIgniter

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It is safe to display confirmation alert before deleting a record from MySQL database table.

If the user has accidentally clicked the delete button on the wrong record then it has a choice whether to delete or cancel it.

Confirm box can easily add using confirm() method.

But in this tutorial, I am using Bootstrap Bootbox.js library to display confirm box.

With jQuery AJAX delete a record from the MySQL database with PHP on confirmation.

Confirmation alert before delete record with jQuery AJAX


The poll system used by the site administrator to get the users views on the topic or a product.

The user can select an option and submit a vote.

The overall percentage of the option will display after submit.

In this tutorial, I show how you can create a poll system with jQuery AJAX.

Online Poll and Voting System with jQuery AJAX


With the use of Speech Recognition API, you can enable the web browser to take speech input on the page and convert it into text.

For accessing this on the page need to allow microphone access by the user.

In this tutorial, I am creating an example where allowing the users to search posts by speech. On the basis of speech recognition display response on the screen using jQuery AJAX.

How to Add Speech Recognition to the website - JavaScript

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