Author: <span class="vcard">Yogesh Singh</span>

Remember me option allow the user to automatically get logged in to the website without entering its username and password again.

To do this I am using $_COOKIE which store value on the client side for detecting the user. Next time when the user come it will automatically redirect to the homepage.

Encrypt the value before storing it in $_COOKIE and decrypt it while access. It will automatically destroy after 30 days.

Login page with Remember me in PHP


To get back the user attention back to your site you can animate the site page title and icon when the user leaves your site or open an another tab.

In this tutorial, I am using two jQuery plugins – iMissYou and mFancyTitle for customization.

I will also show how you can do this with just jQuery.

How to change page title and icon on Page leave with jQuery

How To JQuery

The BttrLazyLoading is a jQuery plugin that load images which are within the viewport. This delays loading of images in long web pages.

It allows defining images for 4 different screen sizes ( mobile, tablet, desktop and large desktop ). It has various options for customization.

Lazy image load with BttrLazyLoading jQuery plugin


The Back to Top button takes the user back to the top of the page.

The button is visible at the bottom when the user starts scrolling the web page and crosses the defined range. It remains fixed at its position during the scroll.

It auto hide when the user reaches the top of the page.

Back to top with CSS and jQuery


The ReadRemaining.js is a jQuery library which shows readers how much time is left to finish reading an article.

The estimated time will be different for each user because it calculates time-based on the speed at which the user is scrolling the page.

This display a small tooltip at the bottom which is customizable with options e.g. set the delay before it will visible on the screen, time format, set time range etc.

Display estimated reading time with ReadRemaining.js


The .clone() method creates the duplicate of the matched elements. It allows either event handler will be copy or not, it by default doesn’t copy attached events.

This simply your code when you need to make the clone of the group of elements. You don’t have the need to create each group elements and insert it.

In this tutorial, I show how you can use .clone() method to create the clone of the elements.

Create duplicate of the elements with .clone() - jQuery


When working with multiple AJAX requests at that time its hard to detect when will be all request is being completed.

You can use the setTimout() method which will execute your action after your given time. But it is not a better solution.

jQuery has the inbuilt event handler to detect AJAX completion.

Detect when all AJAX requests are complete - jQuery