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1How to Create Custom Page Template in WordPressIn WordPress, you can easily customize the page by editing the page.php file of the active theme. But the change will affect on all pages where no need of customization. ...2018-07-09
2Insert Update and Delete record with AJAX in LaravelAJAX is use to communicate with the server and perform action like - database manipulation, file upload, etc. without the need to refresh whole page. ...2018-07-02
3How to Display existing files on Server in Dropzone - PHPDropzone library makes easier to implement file upload using drag and drop on the page. After file uploading, it shows the preview of the file in the upload area. ...2018-06-25
4Drag and Drop file upload with Dropzone in CodeIgniterDropzone is a JavaScript library which allows uploading file by drag'n'drop and display the file preview after upload. It is easier to add to the page and it does not depend on ...2018-06-04
5How to send AJAX request from WordPress themeAJAX makes easier to perform operations without submitting the form like - fetch, insert, delete records from MySQL database, file uploading, etc. ...2018-04-26
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