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You can easily enable date selection to the form element using Bootstrap datepicker if you are already using Bootstrap in your page.

You need to add external Bootstrap datepicker library.

This allows the users to select any from the datepicker and they are not restricted.

To restrict the date selection you can use startDate and endDate option while initializing it on the HTML element.

Bootstrap Datepicker start and end date validation


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A tooltip is used to display quick information about the element and it is easy to add to the element using Bootstrap.

You can specify your text or HTML content using title option.

Within the tooltip, you can show content dynamically using jQuery AJAX. For this require defining an Anonymous function to handle AJAX request and get the content.

Dynamically load content on Bootstrap Tooltip with AJAX


You need to include an external library to embed date picker on the elements with Bootstrap.

It is easy to add on the element like jQuery UI datepicker and have available multiple options, method, and events to control the date picker.

How to add datepicker in Bootstrap


Bootstrap provides dozens of custom plugins that help to create better UI. With this, you can easily add modal, tabs, and tooltip to the HTML elements.

A tooltip will appear when the user moves the mouse pointer over the element e.g. link, buttons, etc. This gives hint or quick information to the user.

It is helpful for the new visitor to the website to understand the advanced UI and functionality.

Add tooltip to the element with Bootstrap