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The check and uncheck all functionality basically is seen where there is the large list of records are available. This small feature makes little easier for the users to perform an action.

You may have seen it on Gmail, WordPress Admin dashboard.

In this tutorial, I show how you can implement this functionality with jQuery and JavaScript.

How to Check and uncheck all using jQuery and JavaScript

Javascript Jquery

PHP provides ZipArchive Class which allows us to create Zip file. This class makes the file creation little easier.

Programmatically Zip creation mainly requires when preparing the group of file and folders for downloading.

In the demonstration, I am creating a function that will read all files and folders from the specified directory and add them in the ZipArchive class object.

How To Create And Download A Zip File with PHP


In this tutorial, I will show How you can insert data into MySQL table from CSV file using PHP.

The common example of this you will see in PHPMyAdmin where you can import data to MySQL table in multiple formats (.sql, .csv, .xml, etc).


In this tutorial, we learn How you can sort table data when table header gets clicked in Pagination using PHP.

If you don’t now What is pagination? and How to create it,  I recommend you to check out Pagination in PHP  tutorial. I explain it in short What pagination is ?.

What is pagination?

Pagination means where records are divided into multiple pages because of that all records not available at once to the user. The user sees records one by one and easily navigate to backward and forward directions. It is best when you have a long list of data.

It reduces page load time and provides the better user-friendly interface.


One of the good thing about Chrome is it allows you to customize its appearance by using themes and add new features to it using custom extensions. The Chrome Web store is filled with lots and different types of extensions, you can also create your own extension and upload it to the Web store.

Themes are a type of an extension, which doesn’t contain JavaScript or HTML files. It has a manifest JSON file which contains all information about an extension and few images. It does not totally change the whole interface, instead, it defines how its interface looks.

If you are using a theme on your Chrome browser by downloading and installing it, sometimes you may want to convert your favorite wallpaper to a theme.

In this tutorial, we will create a new custom theme, which has a manifest JSON file and collection of images. And learn how to set in Browser.


How To

In this tutorial, we learn How you can sort table content on Table header click using AngularJS.

What we create?

We will create a Table structure which sort in Ascending or Descending order when table header get clicked by the user and add arrow symbol right to it based on sort ordering.


SlideShare is a one of the popular web service where user view,upload and share their content. It support multiple formats e.g. ppt,pdf,doc,etc.

You can find content on the wide range of topics.

Member chooses its upload content is available publicly or privately. After uploading, it is available for the community, where member interact with it by like, share on various social media, comment on it, embed your content and even they download it.

To embed SlideShare Presentation to the website or personal blog there are two ways –

  • Without Plugin
  • With Plugin

In this tutorial, we check out both of these ways of embedding.

Within this tutorial, I am assuming you have SlideShare account, if not you can signup for it.

How to embed SlideShare Presentation in WordPress

How To

Chrome extension are the program which adds new functionality to Chrome browser. It takes little space in the toolbar for instant access.

It uses only HTML,CSS, and JavaScript to building a Chrome extension, except them no other web technologies.

From this tutorial, you get an overview on Chrome extension and How you can build your own.

What is the Chrome extension and How to build one

How To

In this tutorial, we will learn How you can use jQuery to show and hide the table column.

When does it require ?

When the table has multiple columns and you want to allow the user to hide and show those columns which user doesn’t want to see on the screen. This gives more flexibility to the user.

What in the Demonstration ?

In the demonstration, we will create a Table structure which shows employees list and adding some checkboxes. When checkboxes get checked then hiding the Table column based on selection and reset it when it is unchecked.

Jquery PHP

In this tutorial, we will learn How to change the number of records show in Pagination.

What is Pagination?

Pagination is a way to displaying the number of records, where records are divided into multiple pages. All records are not visible to the user.

For example, you have more than 500 records, and you want to display all of it within the web page. For this simplest way is to display all records within the page, it is simple but its have a drawback when you try to show all records in the single page it increase your page load time and it is not very user-friendly.

The user needs to scroll up and down to see all records.

For solving this kind of problem you can divide records into multiple pages, by this, you don’t need to fetch all records and user easily navigate through records.