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The infinite page scroll you have seen on the social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter or on e-commerce websites where the new content is automatically loaded when scrolling down to the web page.

For implementing this functionality using jQuery to detect page scroll when the user reaches the end of the web page then send an AJAX request to load new content.

Load content on page scroll with jQuery and AJAX


You don’t need to require any other extra plugin for working with Zip files.

PHP has ZipArchive class that allow us to create a zip file or extract existing file.

ZipArchive class extractTo() method is used to extract the zip file that takes destination absolute path as argument.

Extract the Zip file with PHP


You can save your uploading images in the database table for later use e.g. display user profile or product image, create the image gallery, etc.

There are two ways of doing this –

  • Save path or name of an image
  • Encode image into base64 format

In this tutorial, I show you both of the methods for storing and retrieving an image from the database table.

Upload and store an image in the database with PHP

DataBase PHP

Remember me option allow the user to automatically get logged in to the website without entering its username and password again.

To do this I am using $_COOKIE which store value on the client side for detecting the user. Next time when the user come it will automatically redirect to the homepage.

Encrypt the value before storing it in $_COOKIE and decrypt it while access. It will automatically destroy after 30 days.

Login page with Remember me in PHP


The Pdf file creation in PHP mainly requires when we need to generate the file on the basis of the available data otherwise, we simply create it manually with the external applications.

For example – generating the report, the user certificate, etc.

For generating pdf file I am using Dompdf library which generates the downloadable pdf file from HTML.

Generate Pdf from HTML with Dompdf in PHP


If the form is already submitted and the user tries to refresh the webpage then the browser will attempt to resubmit the form.

If you are allowing the user to fill and submit the form for insert data. In this case, if the user refreshes the page then the data is reinserted on the MySQL database table if some action not performs for preventing it.

In this tutorial, I show you some ways by using which you can avoid the page resubmit.

Prevent page from submit on refresh in PHP


The checkbox element in HTML allows us to select multiple items from the group of values.

When you use it in your form and try to read all checked values as any other elements like –  text box, text area, radio button etc.

echo $_POST['lang'];  // Checkbox element

you will get the last checked value.

You need to send the checkboxes value in the form of an Array when the form gets submitted then you can loop over $_POST values.

Get checked Checkboxes value with PHP


The break statement is used to ends the execution of the current loop or switch case statement in PHP.

But when working with nested loops and wants to exit out from all or some of the outer loops. For this, you need to pass numeric value following with break statement.

In this tutorial, I show how to out from two inner loops and n number of nested loop.

How to Break the nested loop in PHP