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If there is the registration form on the website then you need to make sure that the username or email must be unique.

The user will login with the selected username next time when it comes to the website.

You can either check it after submitting the form or while entering it.

In the demonstration, I am creating a simple registration form in CodeIgniter where check the entered username with Angular and insert the record if the username is available.

Live username availability check with AngularJS in CodeIgniter

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The array_unique() method is used to remove repeated or duplicate values from the array and return an array.

It is better to use this method on the array if there is some possibility of same values or the later code in the program depends on it for example – selecting records based on ids and displaying on the screen.

In this tutorial, I show how you can remove duplicate values from –

  • An Indexed,
  • Associative array and
  • Remove index by key name in the associative array.

Remove Duplicate values from an Array in PHP


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A database is one of common requirement while building the dynamic application.

It uses to store related data in an organized manner.

You can use more than one database in your application.

If you are using CodeIgniter Framework then you need to define the database connection details separately for multiple databases and load it explicitly for performing operations on the database.

Connect with Multiple Databases in CodeIgniter

DataBase PHP

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Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing platform and its users are increasing day by day.

Instagram provides APIs for getting the user details and use it to enable login using Instagram on the website.

For this –

  • First, need to register the application to get the Client ID and secret key.
  • Authenticate the application.
  • Send request to get user details.

I am using PHP for implementing the APIs.

How to login using Instagram API with PHP


HTML form is one of the common elements within the webpage which allows the user to input data and submit it for processing.

The data is also passed by URL which is good for limited and less sensitive information.

In this tutorial, I show how you can pass data between view and controller.

Pass Data Between a View and a Controller in CodeIgniter