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A view is an HTML or PHP file in the CodeIgniter which is used to display output on the browser.

From where the user can interact with the website and perform actions.

Views are loaded by the controller and one view can load other views on the page.

In this tutorial, I create a simple demonstration where I create a view and load it from the controller.

How to create and load view in CodeIgniter

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TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG editor where you can edit and preview the end result of the document.

In TinyMCE by default, all labels are in US English (en_US) but it is customizable to any other language using language option.

There is more than 50 languages script package is available which can be downloaded and use in language defining.

How to change language in TinyMCE editor

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Sometimes it requires to quickly create a clone of the MySQL database while working on the project either for the backup purpose, using it on a copy of the project or moving the project.

With phpMyAdmin, this process is easier.

In this tutorial, I am assuming that you already have a cPanel enabled web hosting server.

Create a copy of MySQL database using phpMyAdmin

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By enabling the social login on the website it is easier for the user to easily register or sign in on the website without entering its details.

In this tutorial, I am adding LinkedIn Login on the webpage.

LinkedIn provides a very simple JavaScript API for developers to fetch the user details after successfully authorization and use it for registration or login.

How to Login LinkedIn with JavaScript API

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Normally a WordPress theme shows the same sidebar content on each page or posts and not allow to define unique sidebars.

Sometimes you may want to display different sidebar according to the content to get more conversion from the page.

In this tutorial, I am using Content Aware Sidebars plugin to set up an entire sidebar that will populate with widgets and assign to posts and pages.

It’s pretty simple to use.

How to Display Different Sidebar on Specific Pages in WordPress

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A Sticky sidebar widget is a great option to highlight a widget. By doing this the widget will stick and float while scrolling the page.

This improves the conversion rate of the website.

Mainly the visitor doesn’t view the sidebar content but you can grab attention on it by making sticky some of the widgets like – newsletter, ads, etc.

In this tutorial, I am using  Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin to make sticky sidebar widget.

How to make any widget sticky in WordPress sidebar

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Elasticsearch is open-source and NoSQL based distributed search engine which is written in JAVA.

It is designed for high-performance searches on large data.

For data storing it uses indexes which is the collection of different types of document and properties.

Compares to the relational database is very fast.

  • A relational database consists of –
    Databases -> Tables -> Row/Columns
  • But the Elasticsearch consists of –
    Indices -> Types -> Documents with properties

To communicate with it requires REST APIs.

It is supported by various languages – JAVA, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Node.js and many others.

In this tutorial, I am using XAMPP for its installation.

How to install Elasticsearch on Windows System

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