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For upload file with AngularJS need to send the file by $http service and with the use PHP store the requested file to the server and return a response.

In the demonstration, I am creating two examples –

  • In the first, using JavaScript to select file,
  • And in the second, using custom directive

Then pass it as data in $http service for upload.

Upload file with AngularJS and PHP

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AJAX AngularJS

With only using AngularJS it is not possible to get data from MySQL database because it only handles Client side requests.

You have to use any Server side language at backend which handles the request and returns response.

In AngularJS $http service is use to send AJAX request.

How to get data from MySQL with AngularJS - PHP

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In this tutorial, we learn How you can sort table content on Table header click using AngularJS.

What we create?

We will create a Table structure which sort in Ascending or Descending order when table header get clicked by the user and add arrow symbol right to it based on sort ordering.

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If you are from the jQuery background for hiding and showing element you generally use show() and hide() function or may be used css() function when an event occurs.

AngularJS provide directives for it also i.e, ng-hide and ng-show.

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In HTML you cannot embed one HTML page within another HTML page, In PHP, there is include or require statement for it.  Which you has to add on the section following with file name where you want to insert the content.

Where can I use it ?

Using embedding, you can reuse the same code within another page and it saves our time. For example, you are creating a project which contains the number of pages, all pages need the common header and footer. So, you have to write header and footer code on all pages and later in future, you need to add one more menu item in the header so, you go to all pages and add a new item to it.

For solving these types of problem you can create the separate file of it and include in your where it required.

AngularJS allow us to embed HTML page within another HTML page using ng-include directive.

ng include directives in angularjs

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AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework  developed by Google that lets you build well structured, easily testable,  declarative and maintainable front-end applications which provides solutions to  standard infrastructure concerns. The…

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