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In Previous tutorial, we have learned that how to implement Login script using PHP. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating an AJAX Login form using jQuery and PHP. What we going to…

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In this tutorial, I show you How to use AJAX for uploading an Image file. That lets users upload their image and see their image preview after uploading.

This type of functionality you have already seen on many websites.

When does it use?

You can use it when you don’t want to disturb user experience and show a preview of an image after file uploaded successfully.

How to upload Image file using AJAX and jQuery

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Using Pagination you can divide the huge list of data in multiple parts or pages. The user only able to see specific numbers of records and need to navigate for viewing another list of records.

In the demonstration, I am creating a table structure which shows the list of records. Adding AJAX pagination which has a previous and next button for navigation.

Ajax Pagination with jQuery and PHP

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You have already seen in many websites while Registration they allow the user to enter its username. While entering username they instantly show that username is available or not.

When is it require?

Instead of showing the message to the user that this username is already taken by someone after form gets submits. By this way, the user needs to again fill the form and press Register button.

Why not show it before, it save users time and reduce the frustration of filling the form again and again.

When you instantly show the status without pressing the button then it looks more user-friendly.

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