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CodeIgniter already has a library for pagination.

Which is easier to implement on the page. But you need to customize it to add extra functionality like – search, sorting, rows per page.

Datatables is a jQuery library which comes with all basic functionality which requires for pagination.

Need to handle the request and return the response in the specified format.

In this tutorial, I show how you can implement Datatables pagination in CodeIgniter.

DataTables AJAX Pagination with Search and Sort in CodeIgniter

AJAX CodeIgniter DataBase JQuery PHP

CodeIgniter DataBase How To JQuery PHP

Web Speech API allows recording human voice and convert it to text or generate an audio file.

This can be used to enable the users to access the website hand free and give commands with voice.

Sometimes, requires to detect the user voice volume.

To do this I am using volume-meter.js library.

It returns pitch volume.

Use this value to draw graphical representation.

Pitch volume detection in Speech Recognition - JavaScript

How To Javascript

Sometimes, JavaScript modification doesn’t reflect on the page while running.

Need to clear browser cache manually each time when the file gets updated.

It makes the debugging process hard.

If the project contains some bug and you fix it but the user needs to clear the browser cache to reflect the changes.

In this tutorial, I show how you can prevent JavaScript file from Caching by the browser.

How to prevent browser from caching Javascript file

How To Javascript

Dropzone auto uploads the selected file or drag file to the server.

Sometimes, it requires to upload all selected files on single click instead of uploading it instantly.

With Dropzone options and method this can easily be implemented.

In this tutorial, I show how you upload drag files in Dropzone area on a single click.

Upload all files on button click - Dropzone and PHP


With Datatable you can easily implement pagination on the webpage in less time.

It gives all necessary features which require in the pagination like – searching, sorting, change the number of records display.

You only need to manage the AJAX file.

In this tutorial, I show how you can add Datatable pagination with PHP and PDO.

Datatable AJAX pagination with PHP and PDO


Taking the backup of the database is necessary whether it small or large project. You can easily revert the database if something went wrong.

Using phpMyAdmin you can easily export your MySQL database.

You can also Command Line to export selected MySQL database.

In this tutorial, I am using XAMPP in windows.

How to export MySQL database using Command Line