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With ngClass directive, it is easier to maintain CSS classes between HTML elements dynamically.

You cannot just pass the class name in ng-class like class attribute.

You need to either use the $scope variable or expression for including classes on the element.

In this tutorial, I am creating a demonstration to add remove class from the element.

Add remove Class with ngClass in AngularJS


HTML form is one of the common elements within the webpage which allows the user to input data and submit it for processing.

The data is also passed by URL which is good for limited and less sensitive information.

In this tutorial, I show how you can pass data between view and controller.

Pass Data Between a View and a Controller in CodeIgniter


Sometimes it is required to create separate files which were common on all other pages like header and footer section of the webpage.

This makes easier to maintain the pages.

include statement is used to embed files in PHP.

In CodeIgniter, multiple views embedded in the single view either by controller or view.

Load multiple views in one View - CodeIgniter


A view is an HTML or PHP file in the CodeIgniter which is used to display output on the browser.

From where the user can interact with the website and perform actions.

Views are loaded by the controller and one view can load other views on the page.

In this tutorial, I create a simple demonstration where I create a view and load it from the controller.

How to create and load view in CodeIgniter

How To PHP

CSV files are easier to maintain and can be used for export and import data in the web application.

For data import first, need to allow the users to browse and upload the file. In CodeIgniter, their is upload library available which makes easier to handle file uploads.

In this tutorial, I import data of CSV file in MySQL database table with CodeIgniter.

How to Import Data in MySQL with CodeIgniter

DataBase PHP

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG editor where you can edit and preview the end result of the document.

In TinyMCE by default, all labels are in US English (en_US) but it is customizable to any other language using language option.

There is more than 50 languages script package is available which can be downloaded and use in language defining.

How to change language in TinyMCE editor

How To Javascript

You can store the image files in the Database table either in base64 format or its path after uploading.

In the base64 method, it is not necessary to store the uploaded file on the server because it is been directly accessed with the base64 encoded value.

In this tutorial, I am using PDO connection for storing multiple image files path in the MySQL database table.

Upload Multiple Image files to the Database using PDO - PHP

DataBase PHP

In AngularJS with the model, it is easier to maintain values across elements and to define the model ng-model directive is been used.

To find checkbox is been checked or not check the defined model. If it is TRUE means checkbox is been checked.

In this tutorial, I will show how you can retrieve single or multiple checked checkboxes.

Check if Checkbox is Checked or Not with AngularJS


A tooltip is used to display quick information about the element and it is easy to add to the element using Bootstrap.

You can specify your text or HTML content using title option.

Within the tooltip, you can show content dynamically using jQuery AJAX. For this require defining an Anonymous function to handle AJAX request and get the content.

Dynamically load content on Bootstrap Tooltip with AJAX


Enable disable functionality gives the administrator more control on the site.

The administrator can directly control the users from its dashboard by either restrict access to some area of the site or enable disable the user.

This is very efficient when there are multiple types of the user exists on the site e.g. admin, student, professor, etc.

In this tutorial, I am using jQuery AJAX for this and creating an extra field on the MySQL table.

How to Restrict User Access on the Website with jQuery AJAX